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Hey content creators! Think about what you’re currently using to manage your online presence. Where are you engaging with your audience? How customizable is the experience? Where are you distributing your audio or video content? How much control do you have over the access? What are your monetization options? Is your audience rewarded for promoting you? Are you looking for a more streamlined and effective way of connecting with and expanding your audience?

Artistco is a quickly growing solution that enables you to promote and monetize your online presence like no other platform.

Promote, distribute, monetize and more.

To start, Artistco conveniently allows you to share streaming audio, high def video, and photos within the platform and also outside Artistco to other social platforms, webpages, email, etc. You can even import your SoundCloud and/or YouTube content with a click. You’re also able to share downloadsyou choose if they’re free or purchasable—and embed Artistco audio players elsewhere. Secondly, you can post, share, like, follow, whatever with your crowd and others in Artistco’s social community.

Another important differentiator is that Artistco is 100% free for anyone to join, browse, preview audio, and more, but you as the creator choose what the annual subscription prices are for your fan and VIP memberships, as well as which content and experiences are free for the public, if any. You get 100% of the net revenue from members you bring to your Artistco club. 

Get compensated for your work. Not for letting annoying ads sell something else on the back of your work. 

In addition, there’s an assortment of helpful tools for engaging with and growing your audience. One example is the referral engine:

  • Artistco provides clickable links which “refer” to a creator’s page or related content. Just click on a share button, and you’ll be provided a referral link.
  • All Artistco members can share this particular link within Artistco or outside the platform—including but not limited to websites and other social networks—to promote the page or content.
  • Next, any reader can click this link to visit that page or content, and Artistco will “track” if that reader ends up becoming a member.
  • If that visitor becomes a fan or VIP subscriber, the member that promoted the link earns rewards from the subscription.
  • Learn more about the referral engine and shared business model here.

At Artistco, you can also automate presale campaigns. You’re able to create custom coupons for running contests, giveaways, or hooking up your friends and fam with memberships. You do you. We’re here to help.

Art is what you make of it.

So the platform is called Artistco. Why? First of all, music and community are in our DNA. We’re passionate about the arts and technology that enhances our creative abilities. Music was our starting point, yet we designed Artistco to be an impactful platform for a variety of content creators, influencers, teachers, and mentors. We feel that so much in life is artful, art is what one makes of it, and there’s real value in the creations and communications that enrich our lives.

A powerful medley of high def multimedia, social sharing, referral rewards, and direct revenue channels.

We at Artistco believe that with our fellow members, we’re developing a fair, transparent, innovative, and user friendly alternative to the other fragmented and unsustainable options available. We’re really excited and grateful to see the community growing and creating amazing experiences!

Furthermore, we’re constantly working to improve the platform, increase its capabilities, as well as develop an environment that empowers a broader diversity of content creators and influencers. Become part of the solution revolution.

Questions or suggestions? Contact us.

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