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We developed the presale tool at Artistco to optimise the connection between artists and their top fans, and to increase an album release’s potential impact for all. When you plan to release an album or a track on any of the platforms available, you make sure that your top listeners are the first to know. They will be the first to purchase your album in advance, suggest it to their friends, share their thoughts about it with you, etc. Your closest fans become a real part of your promotion.

On Artistco, there is a direct connection between artists and their fans. Members can even earn a fair share of the revenue when bringing new paying subscribers to you, and the platform will provide you clear data as to who the most supportive fans are.

It is important as an artist on Artistco that you provide an exclusive experience for your annual subscribers. Of course, you have the freedom to decide what that experience can be, whether it’s previously unreleased songs, never-before-seen videos, candid moments, early access to new albums, whatever! Share something special with your community. Start a movement together.

Do it your way

Dropping new music on Artistco means that you can choose to bundle the content with an annual membership to your club, providing your community with special access to your latest release along with your previously released music, rewards for promoting you, and whatever else you choose to share with your fans and VIPs. That’s a great value for listeners and awesome direct revenue potential for you.

Artistco gives you more control over your next launch and helps you gather your community to be part of the release. Your fans can reserve access to your upcoming record in advance of release time, receive a download link precisely when you want them to, and more. You can choose how long the content is exclusively available to your Artistco friends. Use the opportunity to create a buzz, and enhance your reach with your fans’ social power.

The benefits of an Artistco Presale Campaign:

  • Artists receive 100% of presale revenue from members they secure via the platform’s referral engine
  • Artists gather Artistco subscriptions by offering an annual membership with the release presale
  • Artists have control over release options and period length, and they create momentum with crowd-fueled promotion

Of course, there are clear reasons why fans enjoy Artistco Presales:

  • Fans reserve early access to the release along with an annual membership on Artistco as a bonus, plus any other benefits provided by the artist
  • Existing subscribers are automatically in line to get exclusive content, special offers, and discounts
  • Members can bring friends and earn rewards in Artistco’s shared business model

How can you create a successful presale on Artistco?

A presale benefits from planning. Think about activities that would be most effective for your release, and cooperate with those closest to you to spread the word. Your fans invest directly in you and your creative process. Perhaps to excite your community and encourage them to recommend joining, you’ll “drip” songs out over time, or members help you choose visual art, or you offer a limited edition version of something. Consider launch events, merchandise, contests, and giveaways. We’ll also support campaigns with promotional activity, including advertising outside of Artistco.

There are numerous ways to optimise the presales functions of Artistco still to be discovered. We believe that creators will continue to develop unique presale methods and innovative ways of engaging with their audiences. We’d love to hear your suggestions, and we’re committed to increasing the platform’s abilities to boost online music revenue.

Here’s a quick guide to building an impactful Artistco Presale Campaign:

Step 1: Plan ahead – Assess your options and develop your content well in advance. Consider when and what you will post, including interesting, shareable teasers for your fans.

Step 2: Offer benefits – Decide the benefits for Artistco members, be reasonable, and reach for the stars. Your members pay in advance for the new release, they receive an annual subscription to your Artistco channel, and maybe they’ll get a discount, or tickets to your launch event, or exclusive merchandise. You can create a contest and provide additional (and really fun) reasons for fans to engage with your upcoming release.

Step 3: Set your date and prepare to share – Inform your community, including friends on other platforms, that something is on the way. Prepare your content for release.

Step 4: Upload content and teasers – Make artwork, teaser tracks, and/or sharable content available on Artistco. Get poised to share referral and download links with your community.

Step 5: Share the message, tell your story – Spread the word. Make sure that your fans understand they can be part of this story and they’ll earn rewards when they bring friends to subscribe.

Step 6: Be active – Stay engaged with your community. Pay attention to what’s happening, and be open to trying new things. Be creative with your members and enjoy the journey.

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