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Regain control of your music

Free Music Promotion

Artistco offers a free music promotion platform. We would like to point out what we mean with “free”. You can register and use all features of Artistco for free. You can set your content to “public” and offer it for free to all your listeners and fans. If you do not have any paying members on your channel, you do not have to pay anything. In this way Artistco is a free music promotion platform to distribute and promote your music. Please note that our intention is to build a sustainable business together. As soon as you start to connect with paying fans and listeners using the Artistco platform, our shared business model comes into effect. Why? Because we need to ensure, together, that we both build a sustainable and long-term business. We try to be as transparent as we can. You can read all about our shared business model in our blog.

Artistco is the solution

At this moment, the internet supplies a wide range of platforms and services that offer free music promotion. The platforms differ in what they provide, from social media to audio streaming, crowdfunding, or access to gigs. Many of the popular ones are restricted by copyrights laws, or they’re heavily dominated by major corporations and their investors/stakeholders. The huge success of Spotify comes with nontransparent business models and royalty systems. The quick rise and tremendous fall of Soundcloud was mainly due to their unviable model. It failed to offer an effective balance of free music promotion and monetization opportunities.

Think about it

If streaming is saving the industry, why are you as an artist giving so much of your music away for free? Who actually benefits from this? You invest more time, more resources, and more music making. You release free video content, you’re active on social media, and you purchase ads to promote the music. For what returns? It seems like a bunch of corporate stakeholders are certainly getting their pieces of the pie. If you’re already making good profits as an artist, don’t you think more revenue from the actual music can be going directly to you?

We at Artistco believe this can be done differently. You can take control over your own business. With the power of the internet, you don’t need all of these third parties. Focus on a model which works in your best interests and suits the needs of your die-hard fans. You’ve seen Kevin Kelly’s often-cited “1,000 True Fans”, right? Are you familiar with the Pareto Principle, also known as the “80/20 rule”? Get familiar with it if you’re not already, because your top fans are the biggest source of your music revenue. 

So start to think about your music promotion as a smart investment, and start controlling your return. And start building your base with what you do best: creating valuable music and related content.

You are the core of the music business

The best way to do free music promotion

Due to the growth of streaming services, the consumption and reach of music has increased heavily. But it continues to be an uphill battle for independent artists, producers, and musicians. Subsequently, it is even harder to keep making high quality music while earning proper income from your craft. The standard has become artists offering music for (almost) free, and the result is that we’ve have to find other revenue channels so we can be fairly compensated for our creative output. But many indie creators aren’t able to fund a tour or spend on merch yet, so Artistco offers a better approach! 

At Artistco, we believe strongly that music has value, and we think you should receive your fair share of income. You are the content creators, so you are the core of the music industry. You deserve free music promotion and monetization for your music and related content in a platform that’s transparent. It’s that simple. So go get it!

Artistco brings a new approach to the market

A practical and powerful alternative

Artistco enables you to engage with your fan base, reward your top supporters, and promote and distribute your music and videos as widely as you wish, all in one easy-to-use platform. Don’t forget, you choose what it costs to access your content. While you as an artist grow your base, you can interact with your die-hard fans more closely than before. You can schedule activity ahead of time and manage campaigns using the free music promotion features Artistco provides. Finally, a free music promotion toolbox to build a sustainable business as an independent creator. We strongly recommend you read these blogs to learn more about our shared business model and revolutionary Referral Engine.

Above all, we are a community-fueled streaming and social network, equipped with amplification features designed for impactful crowd-promotion. Artistco fine-tunes your digital music distribution, and it is most effective when centered in the core of your music promotion strategy. Build your community while sharing your stories, audio, and video, in addition to encouraging your fans to collect their own revenue by bringing you new fans. Make your fans aware that the best way they can invest in your music is by doing it on Artistco. Hook them up with access to demo tracks, breaking news, whatever you’d like.

Free music promotion + fan devotion

Freebies can complement direct subscriptions

So we talked about free music and the effects it has on your business; it seems like it can be both bad and good, right? Sharing music for free is a great way to get people to hear what you do. But when doing so, make sure it’s part of your strategy and know why you’re giving part of your discography at no charge. Position your publicly accessible posts and creations as samples of what’s available at your Artistco. Furthermore, plan to gain returns on your investments in music-making.

You can use freebies to promote your Artistco on all other social platforms! Keep in mind that the focus is to build your base and interact with your most engaged fans. It’s important to provide exclusive experiences to your Artistco community while more and more members subscribe to your annual plans. Give something away for free with the intention of it driving listeners to join for more. If you are true to yourself and stay focused on your mission, good things will happen. It may take time. Never give up! Develop a system that works for you and know your value. More importantly, keep making content, and share your stories.

Keep your content cool

The best products are served fresh

Die-hard fans are inspired by you as their favorite artist, and they respect your creation process. They also support you through legitimate commerce and promotion to their friends. You offer them something in return. They share your work with others, and others do the same. This is true crowd-promotion, word-of-mouth. It also happens online. This can spread like wildfire, particularly when members earn for bringing friends to subscribe. You can reach the entire world with just a few clicks. Connect your art and techniques with the reach of the data-driven environment we live in.

You share your most special stuff with your top supporters. Much like a restaurant or market wherein the best food is fresh, the best content is fresh! And your best customers should get served first while it’s at its freshest. Your loyals will tell their crew how wonderful your sonic recipes are.

Music is a powerful thing and you have the ability to make it. We as artists are nothing without the support of our fans. Use music and other windows into your creativity to build a special destination for your the most supportive members of your community. 

Sounds good…

Now show me the math!

You will earn 70% to 100% of the revenue from every subscription to your Artistco club. Compare this to, say, $0.005 or 0.5 cents per stream on other streaming services. And most importantly, you as an artist decide the prices your fans need to invest to become a member.

Want some calculations? Let’s do it. We want to be as transparent as we can, and we strive to ensure all members—creators and their audiences—understand with how the platform works.

Let’s say that you decide your fan subscription will cost $10 USD for one year. You will receive at least $7 to $10 USD from one paying fan per year (which figure you receive will be determined by how the fan found your club via the Artistco Referral Engine). Assuming you receive the lowest possible revenue per subscriber on Artistco at $7 a year, this equates to 1,400 streams based on 0.5 cents per stream. Please note that we’re comparing the lowest possible Artistco revenue in this scenario to one of the highest per stream averages available at other platforms. It’s probably easier to get 1 paying member than 1,400 streams to generate $7 of income. Here again are blogs about our shared business model and Referral Engine. We truly believe this model will work if we work together.

Artistco is more than its feature set

Free music promotion service, streaming audio, downloads, referral rewards, social media

Artists share the best content they have available with the people that want it most. Your Artistco community has the privilege to enjoy and share your musical content first. So since it may not possible to produce new tracks every week, you should engage with your fans in another way.

The point is to build a deeper relationship with your fan base, and Artistco’s social media features help to conveniently achieve that. In one easy location, you can post podcasts from the studio, release updates, announce a contest, share your latest remix, etc. to Artistco as well as other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Of course, your subscribers can also share about you to other social platforms from Artistco as well, widening your reach and increasing your traffic. You can also follow and “like” other Artistco creators, which could lead to new collaborations. What other platform lets you decide the membership prices, delivers high def video and audio streaming in addition to social sharing, and automatically rewards your promoter fans? Stop settling for less than that.

A fair value exchange

The engagement value of quality music-related content is high at release. It generally declines as time passes, and in some cases, spikes up before falling. Die-hard fans want special access, and they’ll promote to successfully introduce new subscribers to you. Your Artistco club becomes the centre of your online music business. As a result, it’s the place to be for early access to your new creations. The timing of new music and content releases is crucial in the current digital music era. Implement the correct strategy, and build your community with an online music platform that provides unique benefits for all users. Ensure that you’ve extracted the maximum value from your efforts.

So sum it up

Stop undervaluing your music. Stop being OK with low streaming revenue and handing turnover to third parties’ pockets. Start building your own fair and sustainable business. Connect with your loyal fan base. Reasonable revenue out of online music promo is possible. Stop..think…reclaim your music’s value! 

Sign up for your FREE Artistco membership, and earn online your way now. Join the movement. We’re in this together!

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  1. How does Artistco help an artist drive traffic to their website which is outside the Artistco platform? I love the idea of a one stop shop but can these behaviors be transferred to another online location through the use of widgets etc?

    • Hi Jeremy, many thanks for your reply. We are working on several features do drive traffic towards the Artistco platform. First of all we use online tools such as social media channels, google and blogs like this. We work with a referral engine and a shared business model. This is what we like to call crowd promotion. We have just launched the “embedded” player to use as a widget to instal on other platforms. We will be launching much more features to create traffic to artists’ channels in 2018.

      If you have any suggestions to share with us feel free to contact us through the above mentioned blog post and contact form.

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