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Jordan Rudess: The Artist Behind Artistco

Jordan Rudess can be best described as a true artist with a never ending drive to improve the way we create and experience music. As a keyboardist/composer in the iconic prog rock band Dream Theater, he received a Grammy-nomination. Jordan also releases acclaimed solo works and has collaborated with other artists like David Bowie, Enrique Iglesias, and Tony Levin. That’s not all! Jordan Rudess is the President of Wizdom Music, creating versatile and cutting-edge apps for modern musicians. As Chief Musical Officer for CME and Head of Music Experience at ROLI, he contributes heavily to the development of expressive, future-proof music hardware technology. Jordan Rudess is also one of the leading artists behind the development of Artistco.

In the below video, Jordan explains why a rapidly-growing community of music creators and music lovers are enjoying Artistco. The platform and its wide array of features are developed with artists and their fans at the top of our minds. Artistco offers a personal channel for artists to interact with their fan base, share content, and offer exclusive experiences while monetizing with a fair and transparent business model. The platform is the best of music streaming and social media combined plus more, like rewards for fans that bring in other fans.

Artistco is the most efficient way to start building your community as an artist. We provide transparent data, a connection with your existing social platforms, a connection with your YouTube channel, an easy way to import your SoundCloud content, and a growing number of special tools and features to engage with your die-hard fans.

Start your online music channel

There is a robust range of useful features at Artistco and a longer list of features we are developing. We invite you to try them and interact with us. First things first! Check out this video in which Jordan Rudess explains why we built Artistco.

Ready to give Artistco a go? Begin engaging with your fanbase in and outside of Artistco, and let us know which features you’d like developed!

You can register right now, right here, for free!

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