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Artistco launches a brand new channel from award-winning artist and Ibanez endorsee Ignazio Di Salvo. Join Ignazio Di Salvo’s community, and get everything you need to play guitar and improve your techniques.

What can you expect?

  • Original compositions by Ignazio and related artists
  • Exclusive solo guitar tracks by Ignazio and friends
  • Weekly backing tracks in different styles: Rock, Pop, Metal, Jazz, Fusion, Blues, Funk
  • Every 10 Days new music and guitar lessons by Ignazio
  • Everything about gear, techniques, and guitars
  • Insights into the life of a pro guitarist

Watch this full video by Ignazio

This video contains all crucial information about how and why Ignazio is setting up his online guitar channel and what you can expect. Watch it!

Become a Member, Join the Community

Subscribe to Ignazio Di Salvo’s Guitar World as either a fan or VIP. and become a valuable member of his community. 

Join as a fan for only $16 USD per year. You’ll get tons of exclusive content described above for less then $1.50 per month!

Or become a VIP member for $36 per year. You’ll get the full experience with even more special content. That is $3 per month, that seems like an awesome value!

Ready to play? Go to www.artistco.com/ignaziodisalvo and register!

Do you want to learn more about Artistco? Go here!

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