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Music Promotion Features on Artistco

We at Artistco love the dynamics of the online music community. Therefore we listen carefully to you as an artist, producer, and musician. In the end you are the backbone of our platform. While you publish your music on Artistco, we offer the opportunity to promote your music online. Finally you can build a sustainable online music business. Since the launch of our online music promotion platform, we have listened to your needs. In the near future we will be launching several new features to create an even more effective environment to promote your music online.

Music Promotion with the Embedded Music Player

The first step is providing you a free online music promotion tool with the embedded player. In this blog we explain how to set up the player and start promoting your music on websites, blogs, and other html friendly environments.

Go to the Artistco platform

  1. Go to and log into your account
  2. Select the drop down menu in the upper right of your screen where your profile image is located
  3. Click the first option “My Public Place”

embedded player widget online music promotion

Go to “My Public Page”

  1. In “My Public Place”, you will automatically be in the “Wall” section
  2. Choose the “Music” tab to go to your music page on Artistco
  3. Make sure the “Music” tab is underlined with orange
  4. You are in the right place if you see your “albums” and/or “latest tracks” listed on the page

Free online music promotion Artistco

Go to “Music” page in your Artistco profile

  1. On your “Music” page, click the album you want to embed
  2. You will now go to one of your album pages
  3. In this album page select the orange “Share & Earn” button located towards the top of your screen, at the left bottom of your album image banner.
  4. A pop-up window will appear. This is the window you use to share the unique tracking link for your music. This is useful for sharing outside of Artistco, like on other social networks.

Free online music promotion platform Artistco

 Go to “Embed” for the embedded player widget creator

  1. In the pop-up window, you’ll see tabs at the top left for “Share” and “Embed’ (it will first be in the “Share” view by default)
  2. Now be sure to select the “Embed” tab
  3. You will now enter the embed feature

Online music Promotion

Adjust your player

  1. You’ll see you can copy the Iframe “Embed Code” to your website, blog, or other html friendly environment
  2. Check out the “Html preview” to see what your player will look like online
  3. Set the height of your embedded player if needed
  4. Copy the Iframe “Embed Code” to the destination’s html code, and this will be the result:

Want to embed a track instead of an album?

  1. Locate any of your tracks at Artistco that are shown with the “More actions” menu button, which looks like:
  2. Click on that menu and select the “shares” option.
  3. In the pop-up window that appears, you’ll see tabs at the top left for “Share” and “Embed’ (it will first be in the “Share” view by default)
  4. Select the “Embed” tab to enter the embed feature, adjust your player size, copy the embed code, etc.

Which future features do you want on Artistco?

We at Artistco highly respect artists, musicians, and producers for the skills, creativity, and courage it takes to create music related content. We are always open to hearing new ideas, suggestions for features, and any feedback from you and the Artistco community. Feel free to connect with us and share your ideas here

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