What is the Artistco Referral Engine?

We believe that music creation has value. Artists should get fair compensation for their work. We also strongly believe in the value of community, and crowd promotion is an important part of the Artistco platform. Fans should be rewarded for promoting. We like to call Artistco the community-fueled streaming and social platform that provides a closer connection between artists and their audiences.

That is why we developed the Artistco Referral Engine. The idea is quite simple.

  • Artistco provides clickable links which “refer” to an artist’s page or related content. Just click on the share button, and you’ll be provided a referral link.
  • All Artistco members can share this particular link within Artistco or outside the platform—including webpages and other social networks—to promote the page or content.
  • Any reader can click this link to visit that page or content, and Artistco will “track” if that reader ends up becoming a member.
  • If that visitor becomes a member, the member that promoted the link earns rewards from the subscription.

This is a key feature of the Artistco platform. Because Artistco can track the referral links, we are able to fairly share the earned revenue between artist (content creators), fan (promoters), and the platform (provider) in the most transparent way.


Let’s say your favorite band posts a new track called “Community Song” on Artistco. You’re an Artistco member, you get your referral link for “Community Song” or the band’s club, and you share the link to your friends on other social networks. You may include the link in your latest blog posts. You can email or text the link. You can basically share the link anywhere! Your readers click this unique and trackable link, and when any of them join the band’s Artistco club from there, you are rewarded with a 20% credit from the subscription fee. You as a fan become a promoter. That credit can be used towards new Artistco subscriptions, and we plan to integrate other kinds of purchase options, like merch, concerts, tickets and more!

If you are an artist, paying attention to the referral engine is essential to optimising your Artistco presence. From your artist page, you can invite your connections to become subscribers, and they’ll pay an annual fee to join your Artistco club. You can include your referral link in any digital communications and encourage your listeners to do so as well. Artists get 100% of any first year subscription revenue from the use of their own referral links, and they get 70% of the revenue when fans or Artistco bring them new subscribers.


It is your responsibility as a creator to provide the engaging and exclusive content so that people invest in the annual subscriptions. We provide the platform, you provide the music, videos, news, and whatever else your community is there for. Build your active network of fans, enhance your crowd-fueled promotional power, and grow the revenue you’re receiving from online content like never before!

We consider all Artistco users our partners. We put serious efforts into creating helpful exposure for artists using the platform as well as the platform itself. Via digital advertisements, press coverage, blog mentions, and more, Artistco promotes members’ music to people who are interested in similar music. We’re constantly working on new tools and features to improve the Artistco experience for all members, artists and fans!

Artistco Business Model

To ensure a vibrant and sustainable platform, Artistco works with a fair and reasonable business model, and we believe we need to be as transparent with our community of users as possible. So how are the revenue and rewards shared?

1st Year of Member Subscription (from the date of the 1st payment)
Subscribers introduced by the artist through Artistco’s referral engine The artist will receive 100% of the subscription fee
Subscribers introduced through referral engine by other Artistco users The artist will receive 70% of the subscription fee

The introducing party (as reflected on Artistco’s referral engine) will receive 20% of the subscription fee as a credit.

Artistco will receive 10% of the subscription fee

Subscribers introduced through referral engine by Artistco The artist will receive 70% of the subscription fee

Artistco will receive 30% of the subscription fee

Renewed Subscriptions (a year from the date a member first joined an artist’s club)
All renewed subscriptions The artist will receive 90% of the subscription fee

Artistco will receive 10% of the subscription fee

Note: The artist will be responsible for charges incurred from all subscription payments, including but not limited to bank transfer charges and third party payment services. A typical subscription will include a charge of approximately 3% from credit card or other transaction methods, plus a $0.16 per payment fee from the global payment system that we use.


We encourage all members to use the referral links provided by Artistco to build a fair and transparent musical platform…together!

Music Has Value at Artistco

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