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Today Artistco launches a brand new channel from award-winning artist and Ibanez endorsee Ignazio Di Salvo. Join Ignazio Di Salvo’s community, and get everything you need to play guitar and improve your techniques.

What can you expect?

  • Original compositions by Ignazio and related artists
  • Exclusive solo guitar tracks by Ignazio and friends
  • Weekly backing tracks in different styles: Rock, Pop, Metal, Jazz, Fusion, Blues, Funk
  • Every 10 Days new music and guitar lessons by Ignazio
  • Everything about gear, techniques, and guitars
  • Insights into the life of a pro guitarist

Become a Member, Join the Community

Subscribe to Ignazio Di Salvo’s Guitar World as either a fan or VIP. 

Join as a fan for only $16 USD per year. You’ll get tons of exclusive content described above for less then $1.50 per month!

Or become a VIP member for $36 per year. You’ll get the full experience with even more special content. That is $3 per month, that seems like an awesome value!

Ready to play? Go to www.artistco.com/ignaziodisalvo and register!

Do you want to find out more? Read further!

Into the deep with Ignazio

Ignazio Di Salvo’s Guitar World is your source for all things guitar. This vibrant channel is filled with everything you need to know about the instrument, music recording, and composition. Most important, you learn from pro users how to improve your skills and techniques. Secondly, you will receive regular updates in both video and mp3 to educate yourself at home or in the studio. Last but not least, the channel will be filled with a personal approach by Ignazio di Salvo, appearances by his artist friends, and lots of discussions about gear and more!

About Ignazio di Salvo

Ignazio Di Salvo is an Italian guitarist and composer based in Belgium. He began to study music at age 9. He studied classical guitar at the Conservatory with the Master Francesco Buzzurro. Ignazio then created his first instrumental demo at 16. Many music magazines awarded Ignazio with young talent titles. During the same year, he attended Siena Jazz Clinics, and he obtained the First Level Classical Guitar Diploma.

In 2008, Ignazio graduated in Business Economics at the Luigi Bocconi University of Milan on “development strategies for niche artistic product”. In the meantime, Ignazio also graduated the Milan Modern Music Academy (Corsi Civici di Jazz). Later in 2009, Ignazio attended the Berklee College of Music seminars and was selected as the best jazz guitarist by Giovanni Tommaso. As a result, he joined the Berklee Umbria Jazz Award Band at Umbria Jazz Winter 2010.

Guitar Idol

Furthermore, Ignazio was chosen as 1 of 12 finalists in Guitar Idol 2011 among 1,030+ guitar players from all over the globe. He received a great response from the judges, and the crowd decided the contest’s best song was his “A Night of Change”. Ignazio then obtained a Jazz Master’s degree. He moved to Brussels in 2013, where he works as a bandleader and session player all over Benelux. Ignazio eventually gained another Master’s, this time in Music Didactics at the Brussels Conservatory.

Ignazio is an endorsee for Ibanez, DV Mark Amps, Gruv Gear, IQS strings, Essetipicks, as well as M-picks. He also publishes for Jam Track Central, which is perhaps the most important guitar-related label in the world. One can’t help but be impressed by the huge list of accomplishments from this still young and fresh artist.

Are you ready to play guitar?

We can go on for ages about Ignazio. This is true talent combined with intelligence and ambition. Do you want to learn more about Ignazio? First you can go to www.artistco.com/ignaziodisalvo and read his complete biography. Secondly, you can become a member if you want to learn to play guitar or get much better at it!
Are you not convinced yet? No worries! We offer a free membership as well. Of course, you will not get all the material for free. But you will get enough to see Ignazio Di Salvo’s Guitar World is all about. Next, you can decide to become an interactive member of the community. Enjoy the exclusive and educational content available for fan and VIP subscribers of Ignazio Di Salvo’s Guitar World.
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