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New Jase Harley content is now accessible exclusively at Artistco!

UPDATE: Bad Karaoke will be streaming in full exclusively on Artistco soon! Stay tuned to Jase’s club for new content.

Join now to experience Bad Karaoke and Dreams of an American Heathen.

Jase Harley is at the point of no return with his new releases. Taking you through a journey of self-realization to the depths of reckless abandon, every road is covered and in turn, uncovered. With diversions down the avenues of business to the lanes of conflict and love, there is no questioning that this is the mood ring of music.

After the success of Between The Lines at 10+ million streams, Harley’s audience has been awaiting a follow-up that will satisfy the hunger. “Cherish” is the lead single that will take you through the inner peril of love meeting freedom. Don Michael Jr. provides the too-close-to-home hook, while Harley articulates with the lyrics of a poet on the gritty road of relationships.

The smooth and maturing transition from Free Pxrn: Dreams of an American Heathen to these highly anticipated projects means that if you want your ordinary feelings addressed,  this will be a relatable progression for you…If you want your extraordinary thoughts stretched, then this is the climax of your collection.

Jase on launching with Artistco: “As artists, it’s our duty to evolve and be innovative. Artistco is an amazing platform that’s willing to grow with its community. The app gives musicians and creatives the flexibility needed to thrive independently.”

Exclusive Membership Bundle

Jase has been sharing new tracks and more for his Artistco community. Fan and VIP members get access to fresh content, including Bad Karaoke and Dreams of an American Heathen.

UPDATE: Join during this limited period and you’ll be able to download the albums for FREE upon release…and all members who join through December 31 are automatically entered for a chance to win a beautifully designed Xkey from CME Pro!

Bad Karaoke will be available for streaming exclusively on Artistco soon! Jase is busy cooking up some new surprises…Join now to experience the bundled benefits.

Remember: The Artistco Referral Engine makes it possible for you as a fan to invite new members to Jase’s club. Gathering new members for Jase—or any artist at Artistco—earns you credit. For every new paying subscriber you bring, you receive 20% of the revenue (from the first year’s subscription). Read more about Artistco’s shared business model here!

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