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Are you a professional artist? You must already use several social media platforms, post videos on YouTube and Facebook, move your music through Soundcloud. The modern artist is more than a musician or producer. You must be a social media manager, a technician, an engineer, a marketer, an entrepreneur and a performer. We are used to offering our music creations for free and hopefully get signed by a record company, a publisher, receive a licensing contract, earn a few bucks with your YouTube channel and Spotify Streaming. Next you need to invest more than a few bucks into Facebook to even reach your followers.

It is a thug life somebody ones said. The modern music maker must be a person who can offer it all. Together with artists we thought about this. What about the non-transparent data provided by Facebook and Spotify? The minor royalties and revenue paid by streaming services. Cannibalization of sales of physical CD’s and downloads due to the immense success of streaming services for major record companies.

Engage and interact with your online fanbase

Social media offers an extensive power for online engagement and fan interaction. Streaming services offer effectiveness and reach with the worldwide dominance of streaming music. At the other hand we see the struggle music makers encounter to maintain the interaction with fans using social media. Actually, nowadays you must invest in boosting posts on Facebook to reach the fans you worked so hard on to gather. We also noted that streaming services do not over the wonderful story behind the music. Your story!

That is why we developed Artistco. Artistco is an online platform which connects the reach of streaming services with the interaction of social media. We are building a one stop distribution network for artists. That is what we offer. There is more. We offer a platform to start building your online community in your personal music channel. You can easily connect with YouTube for video content and with Soundcloud for streaming content. Next step is that you can start the storytelling. You can post directly to your fanbase with an intuitive post consisting out of text, image, video and of course your music.

How to build your community?

An important part of Artistco is the opportunity to build your community. As a music maker you can offer your fans three different subscription models: Free, Fan, VIP

Control your online business and set your own price levels. You can read more about the Artistco Business Model here!

The question is how do you get fans on board of your channel?

  1. Register and setup your profile
  2. Update your profile, in any language or at least English, so that global fans can learn more about you
  3. Connect your existing platforms YouTube and Soundcloud
  4. Upload your music to Artistco
  5. Set your price levels for FAN and VIP subscription levels
  6. Start posting, attaching tracks and personal images, add in text your stories and create a valuable, versatile, relevant connection with your fans
  7. Schedule posts, get frequent exposure and not clutter the Artistco wall with too many of your posts in too short of an interval
  8. Set up to three tracks on “public” and start sharing this on platforms outside of Artistco to promote your channel
  9. Offer exclusive content and tracks to paying subscribers on “fan” basis
  10. Ensure the most personal and exclusive content is available for your favorite customers: “VIP” subscribers

Freebees to create awareness

It is important that you start creating awareness towards your fans using all your other social platforms. The best tool is to offer a freebee. For instance the tracks you set to “public”. Start posting this on Artistco and start sharing these posts on your social networks. You can use our valued referral engine to receive relevant data on your posts. Sounds interesting right? You can read more about our referral engine here!

Ok now that you have created some awareness fans will start dripping into your channel. It is very important that you start giving them material. Start posting free accessible music, video’s, images, lyrics, stories and all music related content you have to offer. Our experience is that the more personal your content, the more fans will love your channel. We see this as an added value to your music. What you are actually doing is creating an interactive record sleeve. An online environment where you take your fans into your world and tell them your story!

Exclusive content for paying subscribers

Now that you offer your fans some free stuff. Start making them aware that there is more. There is more behind the subscription plan. This is very important. Your are an artist and you deserve a fair payment for the material you create. Now that you made your fans aware of what you do on Artistco it is time to improve your business. Start sharing the “fan” and “vip” content. If you share a track on “fan” or “vip” level, free followers can only here 1m30 snippets of the audio. Make sure that this part is making them believe they need to find out more!

Share outside Artistco in collaboration with your die-hard fans

Make sure that you always share your posts in Artistco as well as in all other online platforms you are active. Just push the share button at the low end of every post and connect with the platform or copy-paste the provided link. Artistco offers more tools to create engagement with your fans and reward your most active fans. First of all, you can make them aware of the shared business model. In short this means that for every new paying member they provide by sharing the referral links of your content, they get a fair share. This is crowd promotion at its best. We at Artistco believe your best promotors are your die-hard fans. Find out more about our shared business model here!

Current features

Artistco offers several features and we are always developing new. Feel free to point us in the right direction by sharing your ideas here! At this point Artistco offers streaming music, connection with YouTube, social posts, business model, referral engine, crowd promotion, fan data, fan engagement, storytelling, community building and our latest project presales. Launching a presales is an effective way to get fans onboard of your Artistco channel. What you do is to set a release date for your album or playlist. This is the date on which your music will be worldwide available using all services available. Next you set an exclusivity period on which your content is available to your paying subscribers. You can always choose to set a few tracks available for public to serve as an effective marketing tool.

What you now do is to set a reduced price for an exclusive time where new fans can access your channel, enjoy your music and be part of your new album promotion exclusively available on Artistco. Let’s say you set a worldwide release date on 1st of January. Offer exclusive access to your new music for paying subscribers in the month December. Drip your new tracks during this period, extending your momentum.

Request your fans to start sharing as well. Make your fans aware of the fact that they can earn credits with promoting your music and channel. Fair deal!

To find out more on presales and look it some examples of artists who have done this on Artistco go here!

Future Features

At Artistco we are always improving and we listen carefully to what you say. Take your time to look towards the future with us. In the near future you have build a community which promotes you on all sorts of online platforms. You earn a direct and fair revenue based on subscription plans. You have the ability to promote upcoming albums using the presale feature. Now we can start building further.

What about selling merchandise and physical CD’s. Or target your fanbase in a specific region and offer them early-bird tickets to your upcoming show. Or even a connection from Artistco to online publishing platforms. Giving you the opportunity to upload your musical content and artwork once on Artistco and share it with all other platforms when you want it. What if you can just setup one post in Artistco and start scheduling and sharing this on all other social networks? You see? Are you with us? Do you understand where we are going?

Artistco: The One Stop Music Distribution Shop!

Feel free to start your account for free and register here!

If you have some great ideas start sharing them with us. You are a creator. A master of creativity.

Start enjoying your uniqueness and start monetizing your online music activity!!

Join the Movement! 


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