Artistco joined forces with Audient and Shook to create the "Wind on the Water" remix contest. It has been a great success. Thanks to the all artists who shared their versions of "Wind on the Water" and to all the listeners who voted.

We're excited to announce that Shook has carefully selected "Allan & Hubert" as the #1 and winner of the pristine Audient iD44, plus an exclusive hand signed bundle of Shook's new album Bicycle Ride!

Out of the top 10 submissions, voted by the listeners, Shook selected the 2nd prize winner "Fede Rambo" to receive the Audient iD14

3rd prize winner is the winner of the public voting round "Martin TheFreshman Ryan". Who will receive the highly appreciated Audient iD4.

Eddy Chen (宥陳) was randomly chosen to win the voter prize, a $150 gift card.

Shook Artistco Audient Remix

Shook: Wind on the Water Remix Contest

We will contact all the winners to arrange shipment of the prizes. Do not forget to check out the stunning audio interfaces from Audient.

#1 Allan & Hubert - Listen on Artistco

#2 Fede Rambo - Listen on Artistco

#3 Martin TheFreshman Ryan - Listen on Artistco

“I am so impressed by the amazing submissions of the contest - not only the top 10 - that I've decided to give away a couple of my 'Bicycle Ride' CDs to my three favourite remakes who did not get into the top 10 by voting"


Congratulations to the winners of the Bicycle Ride CD.

Celenomusic - Listen on Artistco

The Optimist - Listen on Artistco

Listen to all the submissions who entered the top 10 by public voting.

Stay tuned for more chances to win with Artistco!

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