Why Artistco?

Music distribution has been broken for too long.

Streaming services aren’t compensating artists fairly.
Fans deserve to be rewarded for promoting.
Fan data isn’t transparent enough.
Social media is fragmented.
Music has value, and Artistco is starting the solution revolution.

What is Artistco?

Artistco is the one-stop distribution cloud for sharing, promoting, and selling your music and related media. It’s where fans join your club for exclusive content and engagement as well as rewards for promoting you. It’s where you collect more revenue directly from member subscriptions. Artistco is the community-fueled music streaming and social platform that brings artists and audiences closer together.

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How does Artistco work?

  • An artist creates an online club, uploads libraries of music, sets the annual membership fees, and engages with fans through built-in social media functionality. We won’t change any copyrights. Go to the artist section of Artistco
  • Members join the artist’s club, listen to tracks, interact with the artist, access news about gigs and releases, photos, maybe a video from backstage, whatever! Go to the member section of Artistco
  • Artists keep 100% of the income from subscribers they bring on board. Fans get a share of subscription revenue for bringing their friends. You all deserve it! Go to the FAQ section of Artistco

The Artistco Way

We believe that music creation has value. Artists should get fair compensation for their work. We also strongly believe in the value of community, and crowd promotion is an important part of the Artistco platform. Fans should be rewarded for promoting.

That is why we developed the Artistco Referral Engine. The idea is quite simple.

  • Artistco provides clickable links which “refer” to an artist’s page or related content. Just click on the share button and you’ll be provided a referral link.
  • All Artistco members can share this particular link within Artistco or outside the platform—including webpages and other social networks—to promote the page or content.
  • Any reader can click this link to visit that page or content, and Artistco will track if that reader ends up becoming a member.
  • If that visitor becomes a member, the member that promoted the link earns rewards from the subscription.

This is a key feature of the Artistco platform. Because Artistco can track the referral links, we are able to fairly share the earned revenue between artist (content creators), fan (promoters) and the platform (provider) in the most transparent way. Do you want more information about the Artistco Referral Engine? Go here!

If you are an artist, paying attention to the referral engine is essential to optimizing your Artistco presence. From your artist page, you can invite your connections to become subscribers, and they’ll pay an annual fee to join your Artistco club. You can include your referral link in any digital communications and encourage your listeners to do so as well. Artists get 100% of any first year subscription revenue from the use of their own referral links, and they get 70% of the revenue when fans or Artistco bring them new subscribers. Want additional information on the Artistco Business Model? Go here!

It is your responsibility as a creator to provide the engaging and exclusive content so that people invest in the annual subscriptions. We provide the platform, you provide the music, videos, news, and whatever else your community is there for. Build your active network of fans, enhance your crowd-fueled promotional power, and grow the revenue you’re receiving from online content like never before!

We consider all Artistco users our partners. We put serious efforts into creating helpful exposure for artists using the platform as well as the platform itself. Via digital advertisements, press coverage, blog mentions, and more, Artistco promotes members’ music to people who are interested in similar music. We’re constantly working on new tools and features to improve the Artistco experience for all members, artists and fans. Stream on!

Do you have any questions, suggestions, or would you like assistance? Contact us!

Register on Artistco as fan or artist? Go here!


    • Hi Devora Clark,
      Artistco helps you creating a direct connection between you and the fans that love you most. You create some sort of membership club that gives you the benefit of earning 100% of subscription fees (from the fans you bring onboard), and where fans get incentives when they share your music (we call this “crowd promotion”).

      Your new song would be pushed to your Artistco “followers” and on your artist’s feed. I invite you to create an account on https://www.artistco.com/register to give it a try!

  1. Cool & interesting concept…quite needed by lots of Indie artists…yet, Artistco is not the only one out there in the digital media jungle :-)..also it seems similar of a crowdfunding site and I’m curious and have my doubts if and how artists really get compensated or benefit from joining?..as in my experience with other sites..it seems tough to get fans really involved and pay subscribe fees…many are simply looking only for FREE downloads to grab :-)…anyway, good luck!

    • Hi Jürgen, many thanks for your comment. Indeed it is a digital media jungle nowadays. There are many platforms offering music in different ways. We at Artistco believe that the creators are responsible for their content and followed pricing of their content. This is a huge difference when we look at major streaming services. On the other side we see that offering free music can be useful as a marketing tool, but only offering free music till the end of time is not sustainable. Not for the artists, not for the platform and eventually not for the consumers. What Artistco does is connect the artist and die-hard fans directly. We believe that your content has value. We also believe that your fans are your best promotors. Maybe you can check the way the Artistco Referral Engine works and you as a creative artist can come up with concepts to activate your crowd and grow your online revenue. https://blog.artistco.com/online_music_revenue/

  2. Everything I have read seems all well and good but what about styles of music and the fan base that Artistco already has? So I have my own fans and many of them already have some or part of the music I created. As an artist and writer in the seemingly diminishing classic or traditional country field do you already have fans of that style of music that I could potentially spread my sound to?


    Tony True

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